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OCTOBER 22, 2023
Saw you guys last night and danced the night away. Hope to see you again 😀.

Holly P.

@Pure Casino Edmonton

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

A great time was had by all yesterday evening! Bridge Motel rocked the pub inside and out and sounded amazing, thank you to all who attended!

Newcastle Pub & Grill

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

Bridge Motel you guys rocked it. Amazing vocals and band. Hope to see more of you

Jason D.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

Bridge Motel put on a stellar show yesterday evening, they rocked the pub inside and out and sounded amazing!

Angela M. 

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

Mentioned on an earlier post, and worth repeating...Loved how they built excitement and transformed the evening into a major fun dance party sing along!...Energized the dancers/audience, BIG TIME!... Thank you and CONGRATS to all involved!...WIN!

Chuck F.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

You guys are awesome 💜💜💜

Cathryn H.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

First time I’ve seen your band. Great set list! The band plays well together. Interesting to hear your versions of the songs! The harmonies were also quite good.
We would come again!

Peter H.

DECEMBER 8, 2019  

Great night Great people! Amazing music!!!!! Cheers

Melanie S.

October 20, 2018  Edmonton 

Hey Saturday! What a fun band, perfect for any special occasion, well, every day is a special occasion, right?

Bridge Motel plays all our favorite tunes, strong vocalists with great harmonies, they rocked the Newcastle Pub last night! Bridge Motel plays one more night at Newcastle, 9:00 pm with no cover! Good show! Have a super day folks!

Angela Mackenzie  

August 26, 2018

Feel the soul, feel the love!

They were the act at the corporate party I went to!

Avena H.

August 14, 2018

Excellent music and a fun band to watch.

Christine L.

April 22, 2018

Saw them tonight at crown and anchor very enjoyable band vocals were great and set list was phenomenal. Definitely look forward to seeing this band again.

Jacob L.

April 14, 2018

This is an impressive band. I would definitely search them out and give them a listen...had a fantastic time dancing to them at LB's in St Albert...looking forward to enjoying their music in Morinville.

Doris L.

February 24, 2018

Great show! Had a great time watching Bridge Motel at the Crown and Anchor.

Jeff McC.

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