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Band Playing Outdoor Event

Bridge Motel is quickly becoming a leading live band in Edmonton, with a growing and active fan base. We have a lively chemistry not only with each other but also with the audience - Bridge Motel is sure to get everyone dancing!

We are available to play at any indoor or outdoor venue for private or corporate events. We cover popular and coveted rock songs from your past and present. Pick your favourites from our extensive song list.


Events we play:

  • Local clubs and venues

  • Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special occasions

  • Christmas parties

  • Private social events

  • Corporate functions

  • Local events, willing to travel out of town

  • Indoor/outdoor events (tent rental available)


We value our clients and appreciate repeat performance opportunities so we strive to provide an honest, professional and no-nonsense booking experience.


Each member of Bridge Motel brings a unique perspective to the band. With an accumulation of quality performing experience, the pool of talent delivers back-to-back modern and classic rock music all night long.

We were formed with experienced musicians from across Canada. Starting out as a project to recreate the soul of each song, Bridge Motel grew to be a group of musicians and friends with a passion to play and share the fun of music!   Check out some pictures here.

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